First print with HD PLA


The bed supports of my Discovery 200 have distorted again. So I decided to print them in HD PLA, as I have bought a spool in this precise goal.

A few times ago I bought a spool of HD PLA, branded Fiberlogy to print the bed supports of my Discovery 200 the day they would distort again because of the heating bed I added to it. That day came, and here is my first impression : Disastrous !

I first straightened my old distorted bed supports by placing them on the heat bed, out of the printer. I set the temp to 60°C and constrained them to take it’s shape with weights. It’s not the first time I do this, no problem.

After almost 7 hrs of print, then, following the manufacturer’s instructions, 15 min in the oven at precisely 80°C (I have bought an oven digital thermometer for the occasion), I obtained the result on the picture.

The supports, at first straight, took a banana shape. The precise nick in which the belt should come doesn’t look like anything anymore. The part is good for trash.

That said, I wonder what can be printed in HD PLA, anyway certainly no part that needs to have a precise shape.


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